Driving Brings Liberation and Independence Says New Group Motorist Tony Shakesby

Many people put off learning to drive, feeling intimidated by the dangers of the road or the costs involved. However, for new driver Tony Shakesby, it’s always worth making the leap into looking for driving instructors. Shakesby, a 70-year-old former accountant, admits that he was reluctant to learn to drive for many years before frustrations with public transport and new demands from his then job made it a necessity.

“I’d always planned to learn to drive since I was a teenager, but after months turned into years – which then turned into decades – it seemed that I would never make the leap. However, my latest role involves a lot of getting around, and I simply wouldn’t be able to fulfill my employment commitments had I stuck with public transport. When I was applying for jobs after qualifying as an accountant, I quickly realised that something had to give – so took out a loan in order to invest in my future, which put me in a position to learn to drive and take advantage of any career opportunities that might be available to me.”

Tony Shakesby HBOS loan allowed him to fund an intensive 5-day course. Having previously been restricted as to what he could apply for, once Tony passed his test he was able to apply for more jobs than ever, making him feel instantly “liberated”. Tony says that he would advise anyone lacking the confidence to make the leap to push forward with driving lessons.

“The best driving instructors have the ability to put anyone at ease. Many people forget that instructors have dual controls and are able to rescue you to safety immediately if you do make a mistake – and they are insured too, which means you’re covered if you do have an accident.”

A latest survey of British motorists has found that more then half know nothing about government plans to limit the dependency on private cars, yet with more competition for fewer employment positions, the push towards public transport maybe an enforced one for the time being as opposed to personal choices.
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Stamp Collecting “Enhances Lives”…

States Philatelist Dave Jackson Humberside Basement of Stamps (HBOS)

Stamp collecting is a hobby that never seems to die out, despite the ever-changing nature of people’s hobbies and lifestyles. There are many advantages to stamp collecting, and for many people it can become a lifelong hobby. Collecting stamps enables us to communicate and make friends with people from all across the world, and the longer we are engaged in it, the greater the rewards and sense of achievement can become. People can now head online to exchange stamps and ideas with people from different continents and are even able to amass a lucrative collection that they could exchange for thousands.

People who collect stamps are able to become more and more skilled with the passage of time and know exactly where to look for most sought-after items. A person who collects stamps is called a philatelist and they can meet people from a huge range of backgrounds as a result of their hobby. Exhibitions based on stamp collecting take place across the globe, and the hobby can take us to places where we may have never otherwise thought to visit. The more fellow stamp collectors we talk to, the more knowledgeable we can become.

Misprint stamps can be extremely valuable and are often the Holy Grail for stamp collectors. The internet has made it much easier to track these down. Dave Jackson of Humberside Basement of Stamps said that he had been a collector since his childhood days, and that he became more and more passionate about the hobby with age. “I first learned about the world of stamp collecting through my grandfather, who left me a huge archive of rare stamps. My hobby has made an excellent contribution to my life and those that ridicule it simply don’t know what they’re missing out on. If you’re looking for a hobby that will take you around the world and bring you an enviable collection of sought-after items, look no further than stamp collecting.

Shauna Davies, an avid collector and well known to HBOS recalls how she was pushed to take a corporate jet services flight to Germany to track down a rare misprint from the 1960’s’, “I found this company on eBay who had a rare UK Commemorative 1924-1967, there were no flights so i had to use this company from Biggin Hills, 328 group and found myself in Germany the following day.”

Dave Jackson HBOS creator said that Internet had enabled him to take his hobby even further. “Just by logging on I can communicate with fellow collectors everywhere, exchange tips and learn more and more everyday. I’d definitely say that stamp collecting has made me a sensible, patient and careful person – traits that everyone can take into their everyday life”. Andrew Jackson HBOS co-ordinator said that he now keeps in touch with his followers and arranges frequent trips with avid collectors such as Shauna in between his busy corporate schedule.

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Want to get rid of your old car, all the new cars being launched in the market are making you feel left out in the race, all these cars have new high-tech gadgets and electronics installed on them and for you u know u just pray your air conditioning does not stop working. Let me tell you something it’s time for you to sell your car.

Not as easy as it sounds. There are couple of things involved like pricing your car, advertising, minor repairs and whether or not you should get them done. Waiting for the buyers and genuine buyers because there are many guys out there trying to bluff and waste your time. Should you sell it to a dealership or sell it to private buyers.

When selling a car you should remember this most basic step clean your car everyone know if you want to sell something make it look good, make a bigger effort than just washing it from outside clean your interiors potential buyers will not appreciate looking at all your stuff lying around in the car and will prove to be a turn-off.

Advertising your car is a little tricky, you could always put a for sale sign on your car parking it on the street, or give an ad in the newspaper or make flyers sticking them all around in your town. If you are considering on appointing a broker to sell you car for you should remember that these brokers charge a fee and you lose some cash there which is really unnecessary.

As Far as setting a value for your car is concerned if you have the time you can always do a little market research in your locality, talk to people selling similar cars visit dealerships now a days you can get the valuation for your car done online which is free of charge and gives your accurate results. Set a reasonable price don’t go too high this will surely not get you any sale, going to low might make the people wonder that there is something wrong with your car.

It is recommended that you be prepared for your buyers when they show up, make them feel comfortable don’t try to hide anything. It is best to get small repairs done like changing the fuses and light bulbs if they are not working so you don’t have to worry about things falling apart while they are on a test drive. Remember always negotiate after the test drive this way you have upper hand in the bargain if they like the car.

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Outsourcing Relocation Services- Your Smarter Way Of Simple And Easy Shifting

Are you searching on the internet for simple and easy relocation processes?   Well, in home or commercial space we all may have certain set of valuables and we will to be double ensured with their safety and systematic handling while moving from one place to another.

In the current economic scenario we may need to relocate for several reasons. While relocating, we need to get active with several things and many things are required to be arranged while shifting for e.g. transportation for the goods.

With functioning of the transportation system there are several other things that do require our detailed attention like systematically loading and unloading things or making proper use of the hired vehicle. We can do it ourselves or could hire a relocation company.

It is feasible to hire a relocation company for optimized use of resources and simply saving us from spending extra.  Years of experience can do our maximum work of shifting with safer and proper execution and makes us feel contented and hassle free.

Now a day’s professional here are offering a very feasible and comprehensive quotes which can easily fit in our budgets of relocation.

After hiring them, the employed staff does properly understand our needs and then makes a plan of shifting processes with minimum time consumption, before taking any step the priority of taking the necessary approvals from the customers is undertaken by visiting them personally.

Only the experienced and reliant people are included in the team of Relocation services to ensure our higher safety while shifting the goods and other valuables.

The relocation phase is executed with minimum time consumption and perfectly planned methods of activation. On the stipulated date and time the goods via transport systems they are delivered and unloaded to cater to every high end services with proper door step delivery.

Now days in London, the licensed drivers of the niche relocation company here can also take a help of the latest navigation systems to find the easier road accessibility for greater convenience of minimum time consumption.

Every relocation vehicle of the best relocation company is systemically maintained with the necessary services for smoother journey and completing the shifting processes with soothing effect.

Where goods are concerned loading and off loading does requires lot of patience. The trained team does places everything effectively and while unloading also proper measures are undertaken to avoid any breakage or damages.

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Move Your House With Professionals, Safe And Secure.

Moving your house for a better place or to a bigger place,  or you need to raise your kid away from the city in the quieter suburbs whatever the reason is, you may have heard that moving your home can be the most stressful task ever if you are not well prepared it will just get worse and you may end up wasting a lot of time and money even losing some of your things if you are not too careful while you make the move, there are a few things you should keep in mind while you are trying to move to a new location.

Firstly you should set aside a date for when you want to make the move this should be done as soon as you paper work has been completed, it is recommended to avoid days like weekends and public holidays if possible because most of the  removal firms are in big demand and may even charge you high prices.  It’s best to make the move in the mid week which is not the peak time.

It is always a great idea to get a helping hand call professionals and ask your friends or families who have recently moved for recommendations these professionals will speed up your move and provide you with appropriate vehicles for the big day. Make sure that’s your belongings are insured when they are being moved, your removal company will offer you this but be sure of what is covered under this and why goods excluded.  Thing you may pack may not be included in the insurance so if you have packed some important precious items you might need to check with your removal company.

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Selling Your Used Car Never Been This Easy

Selling your old but still functional car in the market can be a daunting task for many. There are a number of things you will have to consider so that you don’t lose out on the best offers, so here we share with you some hints and tips that will give you satisfying results and help you avoid being scammed in the process.
A few things you should consider before you put your car for sale. Is its presentation, simple as it sounds but its most important thing and is funny how often people ignore this fact, making your car look shiny and clean both inside and out is fairly important. If getting a bit dirty bothers you then you could always hire a professional to clean your car for you. They will make your car look as good as new. Cleaning under the hood is important a clean looking engine can be your unique selling point.
Prepare your car before you put it out for sale; repair the small parts of your car which are noticeable like lights, any broken glass, wipers if they are not working interiors light. Replace the fuses repair the upholstery if it has been torn they buyer is most likely to ask for a test drive of your car so it’s better to prepare beforehand to avoid any surprises.
Then the next step is to post the ad Make sure you post an actual picture of your car it has to be a realistic representation of your car because buyers won’t stick around if your car looks nothing like the ad you posted. Giving specific description of the car is a must, like make of the car, in which year was the car made, the color of the car what is the mileage of your car, if your car has any extras fitted on it, make sure you mention them in the ad, this can grab the attention of the buyers, when it comes to pricing the car, it’s important you make a right quote if you quote it too high you may not get any attention too cheap will make people wonder is there is something wrong with you car you can also be a little flexible with the price. Just to make them think they are getting a good deal.

The test drive or the trial round

Your potential buyer would definitely want to take your car for a spin to ensure that it’s still acceptably functional. But before you fling them the keys, make sure you check his/her license. If the unexpected happens an unlicensed driver could void your insurance. It is advisable to accompany the driver on the test drive, to ensure firstly, it comes back and secondly, it comes back exactly the way it left. You want to be present to answer questions if necessary. If for any reason you are unable to go or prefer to skip it, make sure you have adequate details of the driver or their car keys as security.

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  • There are many academic writing services and websites where you will find writers who can write your essays. You must make sure that you hire a genuine service to do the work for you. Only if you are sure about the authenticity and reliability of the firm should you go ahead and make the payment.

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Use The Award Show Concept To Become An SEO Champ

SEO is all about getting your website on the top search results so that you can gain good web traffic. However, it may seem quirky, but an effective way to score high on SEO is to create your own award function and hence garner the attention of various websites, and hence get them to show your links.

This may sound a bit out of the box, but it is that kind of ideas that you are going to need if you want to distinguish your website from the others. As unbelievable as it may seem, this idea not only works, but it works incredibly big time.

This idea not only works with respect to getting these websites show your link, but also generates a significant amount of internet traffic, which can be a damn big blessing for your website.

The idea was first put into use by Mat McGee in his SEMMY awards where the best authors as well as articles from the search marketing industry were honored and awarded. No wonder, the idea has worked pretty well for him.

The first phase of getting this done is formatting the awards. The first step is curating the content and then launch the awards in the next month. Then comes promotion so that people come to know that your awards exist, then comes the voting phase where they vote the best articles and authors and then finally you have to declare the results.

The whole process, right from the beginning till the end takes nearly three months to accomplish. Your time and costs will depend upon the scale of your ceremony. On an average, it should take somewhere near to forty hours and three thousand dollars to get the whole thing completed.

Nominations play a very important role in this process. This is the work of the editor and his team to pick up the worthy and then pick up the best within it. The most time saving practice here is to use content discovery tools for online content where you can find articles, publications and blogs pertaining to your core topic.

In addition to these tools, you can also use merit based criteria such as quality of the content with regard to how well written and informative it is, how engaging it is and ultimately how much popularity it has garnered till now.

When it comes to hosting the awards, it is better if you use innovative and aesthetically attractive design templates for the show. Also, it is better to give the awards a separate name so that it gets its own identity and is viewed as a novelty with curiosity and excitement. This is known as ‘micro-branding’.

It would be even better if you explain to the audiences why are you hosting the awards and that what criteria has been used to make the selections.

As for the promotion part, it would be better if you email to the editors of the website which have been nominated, explaining them about the awards and sharing with them the reasons why they have been nominated.

This is a damn creative and innovative tactic and will surely benefit the SEO company, which uses it. www.seolocal.co.uk is one such company which promises to help you out with your SEO issues by offering unique solutions.

Get The Best Price For Your Old Car Irrespective Of Its Condition.

If you are facing the dilemma of selling away your old and aged car then there are certain things you must keep in mind before you set out in search of buyers. There may be many reasons for which you are selling away your car. It could be either because it is giving you more expenses and maintenance issues. Or it could be because you are looking to buy a new car and do not have the space and resources to keep the old one. Whatever be the reason, it is advisable to sell away your old car if it is causing you more issues than good services that you once received from it. There is a certain life for all products and keeping an aging car will only bring down its value. So sell it off for the best price possible.

Finding the perfect buyer who can pay you the price you desire can be a situation of crisis. You will find many dealers, brokers and even buyers who will quote annoyingly low rates. It would be meaningless to sell it off for a price so low that you would feel guilty about giving away your loved belonging. If you strongly feel your car deserves a good price and a good buyer then you should find one. Every car owner finds their car to be unique. You must get in touch with professional car buying services that have the history of doing transparent deals and giving the best possible value for an old car. But where do you find such car buyers and what is the best possible price for your car? The only way to know is by getting an evaluation done for your car.

You can get your car inspected and evaluated by Baba sell my car. They offer the fastest services when it comes to selling a car. You can check out their credentials and details online on their website. There is provision to key in your registration and mileage detail that will help them in giving a quote for your car. There are no service charges, no road taxes or MOT. You get the complete value for your car without a single penny being deducted. There are many other services like Parkers Guide as well where you can sell away used cars. You can read the reviews about Baba sell my car from various sources online and ask customers who have sold their cars. It is very rare that you will come across a negative comment or any kind of improper deal that has given rise to issues. It is your right to get the best deal for your car because you have taken care of it for such a long time. You may be out of any option which is why you are selling away your car. But, you must make sure that you find the best car buyers and get deal done within no time at Baba sell my car.